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What is the width of a 3-person tent?


Well that question is not that easy to answer, so we decided to have a look at some of the tents out there. Just to see what different manufactures of tents think is … [Read More...]

New Commute pack from Arc’teryx


New pack for commute from Arc’teryx. The design team at Arc’teryx came up with efficient daypack solutions to suit commuters, students and the everyday needs of … [Read More...]

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Test of Petzl Nao…


I have been running in the woods, among thick trees and with a map in my hand to test this headlamp. I have been standing still, pointing the light at … [Read More...]


One great little piece of…


The other day I was out running as a guide for a group of new trail runners. For some of them it was the first time they went into the forest running … [Read More...]

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GEARnews: Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20


Simplicity in a brand new pack from Ultimate Direction   The brand new Fastpack 20 for this fall is build for longer runs in the mountains, day hikes and events like the OMM mountain marathon and adventureracing.   On the front you have … [Read More...]

#sufferbetter for spring 2015


Anther look into new gear for 2015 is the upcoming gear from Patagonia. They introduce quite some news in the trail running range. And let me start with the most wierd one and yet the one I look most forward to test.   From sponsored atlethes they were asked … [Read More...]

2015 Gear preview: Camelbak


Camelbak has a new line of products comming up for 2015 for trail runners. There will be four different vests to choose from with the Camelbak Circuit being the smallest one with a 1,5 liter antidote reservoir and little space for additional gear. This one is … [Read More...]

Lupine presents little wonder


Lupine is known for their quality headlights and lights for mountainbikes. Their products are always well designed and with a great finish. This fall they introduce a new moedel named Lupine NEO X2. The specs are: Specifications: Lumens: 700 ANSI … [Read More...]

How to avoid loosing you yurbuds enhancers


Well... I love my Yurbuds Inspire Duro. But after a while they started to have some problems with the enhancers falling off the earphones. It happend more and more and I was afraid of loosing them. It was not that the looked damaged or worn out. But it turned … [Read More...]

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